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Coating Show in Pakistan

In Pakistan there are several events covering the coating industry On average there are about 3 to 4 large coating & paint shows in Pakistan, most are in Lahore. The largest coating show is the Pakistan Coating Show with many known speakers like Imran Munir from Pepsi Co, Rizwan Yousaf from Advertising Co. More info […]

Types of coating in Pakistan

Understanding types of coating; the meaning of coating Before you can understand types of coating, it is important to know the meaning of the word. The word coating means literally a thin layer or, when used as a verb, the application process of covering surfaces (usually referred to as substrates). Coating is used for changing […]


Car coating Pakistan

High gloss protection with car coating Car owners in Pakistan are always looking for that perfect high gloss finish on their car. It is the most asked for car coating in the automotive industry. But besides the perfect finish, car owners are also looking for protection of their investment. A varnish that repels dirt, rain, is low […]

Coating manufacturers in Karachi

Coating manufacturers in Karachi There are many coating manufacturers in Karachi. And that is no wonder! Pakistan’s market for coating has very big potential not only in terms of increase in local consumption but also in terms of trading and re-exporting of related products to Central Asia. Globally coatings industry is expected to grow up to […]


Powder Coating Pakistan

Powder coating; what it is and how it works Powder coatings are important in the hot, sandy and dusty weather conditions of Pakistan. Especially in big cities like Islamabad, powder coating is a growing industry. Powder coatings are efficient to apply and they provide extreme durability. Therefore, industrial powder coatings are used in many pakistani industries […]