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High gloss protection with car coating

Car owners in Pakistan are always looking for that perfect high gloss finish on their car. It is the most asked for car coating in the automotive industry. But besides the perfect finish, car owners are also looking for protection of their investment. A varnish that repels dirt, rain, is low maintenance and looks good.  Especially in the dusty and sandy weather conditions of Pakistan car coating is growing more and more popular.

The purpose of car coatings is to protect the vehicle from all hazards it might encounter and reduce the need for coating maintenance.

Types of Car Coating

Even though cars have a protective clear coat as a standard, you can enhance the protection even more by applying a car coating that protects the underlying paint. You could of course use the traditional waxes and sealants or one of these innovations:

Nano Coating for cars: The history of nano coating goes back to the 9th century. In Mesopotamia pottery makers created a blend of copper, silver, salt and oxides and it gave a beautiful glittering effect when applied on the pots and vases they made. They didn’t know it yet, but the mixture they made people would call Nano coating centuries later. So Nano coatings are actually just durable polymers. Now the mixture is a little modified, but still resembles the old recipe. When applied to a car it gives a high gloss, multidimensional glimmer and high end smooth finish.

Glass Coating for cars: Glass coating for car contains silicone dioxide which increases the exterior shine and repels dirt. The coating results in a durable wet look which is desired by many within the industry. Most glass coatings are also self cleaning! Some glass coating manufacturers give their products up to seven years guaranty.

Ceramic Coating for cars: Less durable as glass coating,  application provides shine and protection for 6 to 8 months, after which you should reapply. Ceramic coating also protects the car repelling water and preventing contamination on the surface.

How to achieve the best car coating result

Applying Car coating spray on a car in pakistan

A dust free environment is key for getting the best result when applying car coating.

To get the best result the coating requires an authorized retailer in Pakistan to apply them for you. Only they have enough experience in prepping the paint for application so you will get that irresistible finish and excellent adherence. The durability of car coatings are impressive. They last a long time and protect your paint from naturally acidic contaminants, UV damage, and may even add a little cushion room in terms of light scratches.

Top 5 advantages:

  1. Paint Protection
  2. Resistant to light scratches
  3. Enhanced shine
  4. Dirt, bird feces and chemical spills will no longer harm the paint
  5. Protection against colour fading (due to UV rays)

Especially ceramic and glass coating requires thorough surface preparation prior to application. This is hardly possible in a regular garage: you really need a dust free environment. It is therefor the best to let a certified car paint shop in Pakistan do the job.

A few unfortunate downsides of car coating in Pakistan

Unfortunately all that glitters is not always gold. It is good to keep in mind that car coatings in pakistan are:

  • Expensive
  • Time consuming to prep
  • chemicals used are harsh and not very environmentally friendly
  • Hard to repair.  You have to reapply the entire coating.

It is known that the ceramic and glass car coatings are available at rather high price. It is not only the product that costs a lot but also the application.

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